Model IP Generic components Function libraries Platform models CPU models
We specialize in QEMU, and other open source simulator integration with SystemC, for use as virtual platforms, or as CPU component models.
Model to Tool Analysis Configuration Model State
  • Configuration, (inc Lua)
  • Control (Run time re-configuration)
  • Inspection (outputs and tracing).
Model to Model TLM-2.0 compliant Bus Fabrics Signal connections Ethernet, Graphics...
  • Model to Model interface infrastructure and specific interfaces
  • Busses and routers (e.g. AMBA, PCIe, OCP, etc)
  • Signals (interrupts etc)
  • Serial, Ethernet, Graphics etc….
Model Construction Scripting Register definitions
  • Eases building register definitions, state machines etc
  • Scripting (Python)
Tools Dependency aware Installation tools
  • Installation and configuration tools

Tool Independent