Your Model Factory

You require models for your virtual platform, or you require a virtual platform to be integrated. Finding experienced resource is hard, and expensive.
GreenSocs provides modeling resource, with experience in a large number of modeling techniques and environments; simply a one stop model factory.
GreenSocs uses the GreenSocs Open Source infrastructure wherever possible to ensure a high quality of model, built efficiently, which is tool independent.
GreenSocs follows a strict model development path that ensures a high level of re-use of the components we create.
"Months later, we are still using your models, we never got the models we asked for from other suppliers"

Benefitting from Model Based Design

The use of MBD ensures optimized products, correctness and delivered on time ; but… Using Model Based Design early in your design flow is hard, it requires specialist skills.
  • Fast model writing
  • Quickly adapted as designs change
  • Understanding what to model to get information back to designers
  • Modeling without software being available.
  • Developing models that can be used later in the flow
  • Building use cases that will be reusable.
GreenSocs has the expertise you need to be successful early in your design, so that you can reap the benefits of MBD throughout the flow.

Choice of Support Plan

Building expertise in your own modeling team is hard, and a never ending process. Technical questions are not best aired on ‘open forums’. GreenSocs provides a fully supported packaged version of the infrastructure, to ease your deployment of MBD. GreenSocs provides technical support channels for your teams.
Packaged GreenSocs Infrastructure:
  • IP rights checking,
  • Integration,
  • Tests,
  • Releases management,
  • Data migration between versions,
  • Upward compatibility check etc.