GreenSocs offers training sessions on the basic concepts of using SystemC for modeling
The sessions cover subjects such as:
  • Why use SystemC?
  • What can be modeled?
    • Models from simple engine controllers through to complete systems will be covered
    • The differences between "LT" and "AT" levels of abstraction will be covered (the official standardized terms).
  • How to deploy model based design
    • A review of the services and tools that are available, and how they help.
    • The obstacles that are typically in the way of success, and how to avoid them
    • Typical model based design flows, and how they interact with both up stream suppliers and down stream clients.
  • Contact GreenSocs for details about public and dedicated training sessions.
Models are critical to good design decisions
Models are the basis of re-use decisions
Models enable :
  • Parallel development
  • Team communication
  • Faster debug
  • Quicker bring up
  • Better test.
Models allow customer interactions, during sales and for better support