Deploying Model Based Design

The benefits of the adoption of MBD are proven and huge but ...
  • Model Based Design adoption is hard.
  • Typically initial experiments look positive,
  • Roll out to the wider company is a mountain to climb.
  • Choices about Central modeling organizations, or modeling everywhere.
  • Choices about Infrastructure and tool recommendations
  • Existing legacy IP and infrastructure.
  • Training and resource issues.

Independent of any specific EDA vendor, with our wealth of experience dating back to the very conception of SystemC, and model based design, with experience in the mobile sector, telephony, aerospace, automobile and consumer, we are extremely well positioned to accompany clients in their Model Based Design strategy and implementation. GreenSocs accompanies projects through the development life cycle, providing guidance on all aspects:

  • How to structure the organization to take advantage of Model Based Design.
  • Building, recruiting and training modeling teams.
  • Building specific models.
  • Integrating existing models and infrastructure.
  • Company wide infrastructure tools and techniques.
  • The choice of the best models to suite different aspects of the design flow.
  • Choosing the right tool chains.
  • Evaluating model quality and performance.
  • Interpreting the results from models.
  • ...
GreenSocs provides expertise who understand the market and tools available, and can help you structure your tools, infrastructure, and critically, your roll out plan. Together, we will ensure you are successful as you adopt MDB across the organization. We have the expertise you need to be successful early in your design, so that you can reap the benefits of MBD throughout the flow.