Model to Tool
DisplaySocket is a GreenSocket based TLM-2.0 graphics socket. It carries the same advantages as other GreenSocket based sockets, but caters specifically for graphical displays.

To create the model of a SoC/IP that deals with image processing, it becomes necessary to connect the model with a display, to show the results.

The DisplaySocket framework provides an interface specifically designed for the efficient connection of display driver models to the user’s host simulation environment, or to verification components designed to check the functionality of the display controller model.

We refer to the object that finally displays the image in the user’s host simulation environment, or performs the verification as a ‘back end’.

The DisplaySocket framekwork comes complete ‘back-ends’ designed for use with X11 based simulation environments. It also contains a GreenRouter based interconnect that can be used to connect many display drivers to many ‘back-ends’.