GSPM is a Package management system based on Debian’s DPKG to create and update an EDA working environment. It incoperates ‘versions’ such that an end user can work in parallel on multiple versions of tools and IPs in different projects. All GreenSocs projects can be installed locally by an end user with no system privileges using GSPM.


GreenSocs Root Install : GreenSocs Package Management

NOTE: If you installed GSPM before 07/25/2007, the update feature may not work due a major change in the gcc package, which is a requirement for many other packages. The easiest way to upgrade is to reinstall all from scratch. We are very sorry for the inconvinience.

The GreenSocs Package Management (GSPM) is a package management system based on the debian dpkg system. Once you have installed GSPM, it will enable the easy installation, evaluation (and removal) of any compatible package.

If you have problems when installing GSPM, please consult the troubleshooting section. If it does not help, send an email to including as many information as possible about the error, and also the brand and version of the OS you are using.

Requirements for GSPM


Implementation details

Using GreenSocs package management for your own tools

If you would like to use GreenSocs package management to east the integration of your tool, guaranteeing versions of gcc, SystemC, etc, without the pain of supporting many different environments, you may. It is open source. Please contact us to find out more.

Also, note, the packages themselves are not hosted on SourceForge, they are hosted on the GreenSocs web site, therefore, we can provide hosting for your packages even if they are proprietary. (Of course, GreenSocs's own packages are open source, and the source is hosted on sourceforge)

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