Model to Tool
The Green Analysis and Visibility (GreenAV ) framework is an extension service for the GreenControl framework.

GreenAV provides parameters with analysis and visibility features. It provides the connection between ‘parameters’ inside models (test points) and the users simulation tooling environment.

It is possible to output parameters and analysis results to several output plug-ins. These can be tool specific, or generic. Some generic plugins are provided to SCV streams, or simply outputting to STDIO.

GreenAV aims to be tool neutral (as all GreenSocs projects) and is constructed with this in mind. Many tools are already directly supported by GreenAV, and it is trivial to add support for a new tool environment. To find out if your tool is supported by GreenAV, please contact your tool vendor.

In order to provide users with meaningfull output values, GreenAV supports complex parameter based forumla’s. Parameters are not like normal variables, and special care must be taken when performing calculations based on them. It is possible to combine several parameters within a formula doing mathematical calculations and statistics with flexible triggers for the calculations.

Part of core infrastructure.
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