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GreenSocket is a TLM2.0 convenience socket that improves the user interface and functionality offered by “raw” OSCI standard TLM2.0-BP sockets.

The socket will always be compile time bindable to standard TLM-2.0-BP sockets and all other GreenSocket based sockets.

The GreenSocket allows users to define extensions that they would like, or need in a transaction. GreenReg handles the memory management and manipulation of the extensions, freeing the designer to concentrate on the functionality. GreenReg handles run-time bindability checks depending on the set of used, required, or desired extensions and phases. The socket offers a simple API that allows the user to react to potential bindability issues. E.g. in case the socket detects that it is bound to a GP socket, but (normally) uses non-ignorable extensions it gives the user the choice to switch to a fallback mode at this time.

Part of core infrastructure.
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