Model to Model
SignalSocket is a GreenSocket based TLM-2.0 signal socket. It carries the same advantages as other GreenSocket based sockets, but caters specifically for signals. There are two advantages of using SignalSocket:
  • The socket is TLM-2.0 based, and hence it is both very efficient (reducing the number of events by potentially removing port pairs) and the use and communication mechanism will be well understood and supported by tools.
  • The SignalSocket package makes use of GreenRouter to allow one SignalSocket to transport any number of signals efficiently between IP blocks. Hence, all the signals going from one IP to any other can be modelled using a single signal Socket.
The SignalSocket makes use of the GreenSocket extension mechanism to provide the user with a very convineint and easy to use mechanism to indicate that their model either generates, or should receive a specific signal. The potentially many to many connectivity is then handled by the SignalSocket framework (making use of the GreenRouter). SignalSocket safely removes the need for top level individual signal binding and enables model re-use.