Model to Tool
The GreenConfig framework is an extension service for the GreenControl framework.

GreenConfig provides parameters with configuration features. It provides the connection between tools providing configuration data, and ‘parameters’ inside models (configuration parameters).

Configuration information can be sourced from any number of inputs. These can be tool specific, or generic. Some generic input plugins are provided by GreenConfig.

Specific support for Lua, a scripting language designed for representing and handling configuration data is included in GreenConfig as an input plugin.

GreenConfig aims to be tool neutral (as all GreenSocs projects) and is constructed with this in mind. Many tools are already directly supported by GreenConfig, and it is trivial to add support for a new tool environment. To find out if your tool is supported by GreenConfig, please contact your tool vendor.

The GreenConfig framework support both static and dynamic (re-)configuration, configuration hiding, and configuration analysis.

GreenConfig is currently being donated to OSCI for the new CCI standard. The GreenConfig API’s will remain in place and make use of the new standard when that becomes available, providing GreenConfig users with the opportunity to be standards complient as soon as the standard is available.

Part of core infrastructure.
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