Reduce Risk

Simulation and Virtualization to enable early software development and integration.

Continual Test

Simulation and co-simulation to bring software engineering and hardware development together, to enable early validation.


Fast Multicore Debug

Simulation to explore architectural trade-offs and make early and cost effective design decisions.

QEMU and SystemC Virtual Platforms

Real Time QEMU/SystemC

Syncronise your watches - we run in real time!

Fast As Possible: HW In The Loop (HIL)

Run your models as fast as they can, to keep up with HIL!


Find those impossible threading issues with pseudo-random deterministic mode.

Deterministic Mode

Run the model the same way every time.

Quantum Time

Quantum windowing, and TLM compliance.

Non-Deterministic reverse debug

Replay what just happened, jump to the bug.

Save time and money

Let’s do it! You will design better devices, better tuned to the software needs, and you will build them quicker.

Not only will you save time and money by adopting model based virtual platforms, but at GreenSocs you get our time and expertise.

No extra license cost !

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Virtual Prototyping

    Multi-core and multi-thread solutions.
    Full Eclipse environment,
    Debug of both hardware model and software guest (through a GDB Stub).
    Our code is SystemC standards compliant and works with any tool, e.g. hardware          synthesis.
    Extensive debug, verification and configuration features

Secure your design or IP

Virtual Platforms will bring your software development forward. Explore, design and optimise your architectures.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Open Source Forever

GreenSocs encourages open source development providing free and open source solutions based on SystemC, QEMU and GEM5. All open source products are free to use forever .

Your virtual platform free to use forever

Industry Experts

With more that 15 years of experience, GreenSocs has been at the forefront of SystemC based model design, chairing working groups in OSCI and OCP-IP (now both part of Accellera). We contribute to open source projects such as QEMU and GEM5, and provide the leading open source productivity library for SystemC.

GreenSocs is also a major contributor of TLM standard and the upcoming CCI standard. Indeed, GreenConfig and GreenControl (GreenSocs libraries) have been contributed to become standardised by the CCI WG. GreenSocs continues to be active in the SystemC LWG, TLM and CCI Working groups.

Odoo • Text and Image