About us

GreenSocs® was formed in 2005 by Mark Burton , to accelerate and secure the hardware and software design integration with Virtual Platform based solutions ( virtual twin ) for embedded systems co-design, co-simulation and co-verifcation processes. 

The GreenSocs® mission is to enable any embedded designer to quickly adopt and integrate any QEMU and System C models with best security and support. 

With 15 years of experience,  GreenSocs®  has been  at the forefront of SystemC based model design, chaining working groups in OSCI and OCP-IP (now Accellera), and  contributing to open source QEMU and GEM5  projects . While providing leading open source libraries for SystemC, GreenSocs®  is a major contributor of TLM standard and CCI standard.

GreenSocs®  continues to be highly active in the SystemC LWG,TLM and CCI working groups.

GreenSocs® aquired Antfield  in 2018, to expand QEMU and SystemC expertises. 

Since,  GreenSocs® is located in Bordeaux and Grenoble areas. 

GreenSocs® is located in Bordeaux and Grenoble, France. 

Meet the Team


Mark Burton

Founder / CEO


Dr Mark Burton is the founder of GreenSocs. Mark graduated from Warwick University with a degree in computer systems engineering. He worked for some years for Inmos (now part of ST microelectornics) and then moved to ACRI (The Advanced Computer Research Institute). He completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence within Education, specifically focusing on the simulation of high level collaborative learning processes. Mark then worked for ARM becoming the manager of the modeling group. At this time he was also the chair of the OSCI TLM WG.

Mark formed GreenSocs with a number of aims, notably to support the entire Electronic System Level industry to better inter-operate, but also to support research and development environments to have more contact with relevant industrial tools and techniques.

Clément Deschamps



Clément received his MSc degree in computer engineering at the Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble) in 2009. He worked for 3 years at Inria on Virtual Machines, before joining the TIMA lab as a research engineer. In 2016 he co-founded Antfield with Luc, transfering the Rabbits technology from the TIMA lab. His research interests include operating systems and virtualization.

Luc Michel



Luc obtained his PhD in 2014 from Grenoble Université, where he focused on fast simulation of VLIW processor and on automatic generation of CPU simulation models from architectural descriptions. He is an expert in CPU simulation technologies including dynamic binary translation.

Christian Labezin

Strategic Advisor


Christian graduated from Université Paris-Sud-11 with a M.Sc. in Computer Science and he qualified as an Industrial Computer Systems Engineer with an Engineer Diploma. He graduated from Université Toulouse I Capitole with a MBA. He worked for CISI and CS (listed on Paris Stock Exchange) where he held various positions in engineering and management, including Vice President Aerospace Branch (€80M) and Chief Operating Officer Mission Critical Systems Branch (€100M) serving Aeronautics, Space and Defense majors in Europe.

Christian has founded several companies, including CS Canada, an Engineering start-up focusing on the development of Avionics Embedded Systems for North American Customers. In his current assignments he is particularly interested in the efficient implementation of business models and as such he brings his experience and skills for the benefit of business development of GreenSocs. He also participates in the launch of the open source platform OPEES/POLARSYS for embedded systems in Eclipse.

Frédéric Pétrot

Scientific Advisor  


Frédéric is a CAD veteran cumulating 20+ years of research experience on simulation tools for electronic system level design. As Scientific Advisor, he helps GreenSocs stay in touch with the state of the art in virtual prototyping technology. Frédéric holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and is currently deputy director of the TIMA lab.

Murielle Lacombled

Sales & Business Development& Sales


Murielle Lacombled has more than 20 years successful sales experience in EDA software & Embedded OS solutions. Murielle started her carrier at Cadence Inc, then in sales management roles at Synplicity Inc-Synopsys Inc and MontaVista Inc where she last managed South Europe revenue increase by 20 in 18 months prior to the Cavium acquisition.

Murielle obtained a MBA degree in economy and international management from Kedge, a Marseille-Marocco-Shanghai program. She believes in parity success therefore she is supporting women in Technology Industry through several women networks in Europe.

Murielle formed Abileapty in 2012.

Abileapty work with the state of the art experts in the world, the ones we like to call the « free riders » experts in electronic design automation such as Analog, Digital, FPGA, ASIC, IP, Embedded, PCB, CAD and IT, Networks Security, Open source, Programmers PHP, Python, JIRA, GIT….