Your Customized Virtual Platform

Lets us make modelling easy for you

  • model based design adoption is hard,
  • typically initial experiments look positive,
  • roll out to the wider company is a mountain to climb.
  • choices about central modelling organisations, or modelling everywhere,
  • choices about infrastructure and tool recommendations,
  • existing legacy IP and infrastructure,
  • training and resource issues.
  • Experts in: ARM, Infineon, Xilinx, Intel, Linux, RiscV.
  • Optimized integration with Lauterbach tools.

Support and Services based on 15 years of experience

We know what it takes:

  • Fast model writing
  • Quickly adapted as designs change
  • Understanding what to model to get information back to designers
  • Modelling without software being available.
  • Developing models that can be used later in the flow
  • Building use cases that will be reusable.

Independent of any specific EDA vendor

GreenSocs has been at the heart of the SystemC standards development since its initial conception. Our models adhere to the standards, and we ensure they work with EDA tools.

Contact us for details about public and dedicated training sessions.